2 Day Defensive Handgun Class

2 Day Defensive Handgun Class
This is an outstanding comprehensive entry level course.
Prerequisite Class(s): Basic handgun safety course.
All students must show photo ID at time of sign-in.

Upon completion of this course you will have a fundamental understanding of the defensive use of the handgun. Among the many skills you acquire will be the ability to safely and easily present your weapon from the holster and fire two, sighted shots to the center of a target 5 yards away – all under 2 seconds! This course more than satisfies gun handling and marksmanship criteria for all Concealed Weapons Permit.

Lecture Topics Include: The Use of Deadly Force; Color Code of Mental Awareness; Criminal and Civil Liability; and more.

Firing Range Drills Include: Loading and Unloading; Grip, Stance, Sight Picture, Sight Alignment, and Trigger Control; Presentation from Ready and Holster; Target Engagement from Arms Length to 15 yards under Time Pressure; Malfunction Clearing; Speed and Tactical Reloading; Live-Fire Tactical Simulator Introduction; and more.

Firearm, Equipment and Ammo Requirements:

The weapon must be fully functional, have all factory-installed safety devices intact, and have no dangerous modifications (such as a “hair” trigger less than 4 pounds, removed trigger guard, etc.)
“Pocket Pistols” are not allowed due to their very small size and difficulty of use.
Holsters must be on the belt, correctly fit the weapon, completely cover the trigger guard, remain open when the weapon is removed, not allow the weapon to cover the shooter’s body. NO thigh rigs, cross-draw, shoulder rigs, etc.
Electronic hearing protection is recommended and is available at numerous retailers.
Sturdy belt, hat with brim, wrap around impact resistant eye protection, loose pants, comfortable shoes or boots, etc..

Equipment List:

A Fighting Pistol
Bring a lunch to the range both days
250 rounds pistol ammo (MUST be factory loaded!)
Belt holster (NO thigh rigs, cross-draw, etc.)
Full wrap eye protection
Electronic Ear protection
Minimum of three magazines (pistol)
Magazine pouch for each
Raingear (We shoot rain or shine)
Hat and sunblock
Knee and elbow pads (optional)
Drinking water (Camelback strongly recommended)
Bug Spray
Pen and paper


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