8 Hour Concealed Carry Course West Coast Armory North


8 Hour Concealed Carry Course West Coast Armory North

Olympic Tactical is now offering a two part, eight hour class on carrying a concealed pistol for self defense at West Coast Armory North in Everett, WA!  Whether you already carry a defensive pistol or are thinking about doing so, this course gives you the information to safely, legally and effectively carry a concealed handgun.

Our instructors are former law enforcement officers who are current Criminal Justice Training Commission certified Firearms Instructors.

This unique course consists of a four-hour evening classroom portion followed a week later by a four-hour range live fire.  The live fire is conducted in a positive, controlled, safe environment.  Topics include:

  • Safe and proper Firearm Handling
  • Where it is and is not Legal to Carry a handgun with a Concealed Pistol License
  • What Washington State law says about use of force
  • Interaction with Law Enforcement
  • Firearm, holster and ammunition considerations
  • Safe drawing from concealment
  • Safe and effective engagement from concealment

The cost for both sessions is $150.  You will be provided with instruction, handouts and targets, go to www.olytac.com for more information, scheduling and requirements, or call Brian at Olytac (425) 232-4382

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  1. Super Slooth
    Super Slooth says:

    Will this course provided necessary forms and background check information for obtaining the concealed carry permit?

    • admin
      admin says:

      This course is designed for those that want more information and skills about carrying a weapon concealed. In Washington you can submit forms and fingerprints at your local Police or Sheriff’s Department. We have instructors for AZ CCW, FL CCW, and UT CCW as well. Those require State forms, and specific training that is included in those courses.
      Feel free to email training@olytac.com if you have any further questions!


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