Washington State Bail Recovery Agent Training

Washington State Bail Recovery Agent Training

Olympic Tactical prides itself on gathering the leading industry subject matter specialists and our BRA training is no different. We have developed a course that can be completed in one week or spread out over several weeks providing the most current knowledge of the field. Students will receive class materials in digital and printed materials.

The most important tool for a Bail Recovery Agent is knowledge. Our instructors will assist you to know and understand all the information required. Example: There are states where you can’t be a recovery agent, such as Arkansas, Florida, Texas and the non-bail states of Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon and Wisconsin. If you get caught there, you’ll wind up in jail for kidnapping.

Washington State Requirements to be licensed, a process consisting of a criminal background check, training, and a written examination on Washington State laws.

WAC 308-19-310 and RCW 18.185.260 Bail bond recovery agents — Prelicense training/testing requirements — Continuing education requirements. All applicants for a bail bond recovery agent license or endorsement must take the following training before applying:

Civil or criminal law
State statutes relating to bail regulations
Constitutional law
Procedures for surrendering defendants into custody
Procedures for exoneration
Civil liability
Civil rights of persons who are detained in custody
Basic principles of identifying and locating defendants
Use of public records
Powers of a bail bond recovery agent.
Procedures for field operations.
Use of force and degrees of force
Safety techniques
Entering and searching buildings
Custody and transportation of prisoners including persons who are violent, emotionally disturbed or under the influence of alcohol, or drugs
Defensive tactics

Ask about the program that best fits your schedule.

Tools – You must provide proof of training certification for each of these tools:

  • Application of restraints/handcuffing procedures
  • Baton – either expandable, straight stick, or side handle
  • Oleo capsicum resin sprays or foams
  • Taser X/M26
  • Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC) Firearms Training


ASP Tactical Expandable Baton Certification [wp_cart:ASP Tactical Expandable Baton:price:100:end]

ASP Tactical Handcuff Certification [wp_cart:ASP Tactical Handcuff:price:100:end]

OC / Pepper Spray Training [wp_cart:OC / Pepper Spray Training:price:100:end]

Taser Training  [wp_cart:Taser Training:price:200:end]

WA CJTC 8 Hour Handgun Certification  [wp_cart:WA CJTC 8 Hour Handgun Certification:price:225:end]


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  1. kenny camp
    kenny camp says:

    i was wanting some information on bail recover how much it is and if the class was in pa or security class I was a unarm security gard in fl.before I move here to Washington I would like to get back in to securityor become a bail recover


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