CCW Permit… 5 Powerful Benefits of Having one!

CCW Permit Offers The Following:

#1 Know The Law!

Knowledge is POWER! Having full knowledge of the law gives YOU the advantage over the criminal. Gain the peace of mind every responsible firearms owner desires, with an CCW Permit. Know the CCW Laws and the implications of using deadly force.

#2 Carry concealed in 37 states!

An AZ CCW Permit is required if you intend on traveling into the 36 other states which recognize the AZ CCW Permit. (Including Nevada which only recognizes the AZ CCW Permit and 14 other states Permits.)

#3 Some State and City Parks are NOW Posting “No Firearms”… Unless you have a CCW

Once again an CCW Permit is your passport to exercise your 2nd Amendment Rights and have the ability to protect yourself.

#4 Ability to carry a weapon in National Parks.

If you want to carry concealed in National Parks (i.e. Grand Canyon) you need a CCW Permit. (Federal Law)

#5 Peace of Mind!

The knowledge you will gain by attending our CCW course will give you the Peace of Mind and Comfort in responsible firearms ownership and concealed carry privileges. Knowledge is POWER! Get your CCW Permit Today!

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  1. Robyn I. Durham
    Robyn I. Durham says:

    The knowledge you will gain by attending our AZ CCW course will give you the Peace of Mind and Comfort in responsible firearms ownership and concealed carry privileges. Information is POWER !

    • orrin
      orrin says:

      Well said… The NRA uses the phase “We give our students the Skills, Knowledge, and Attitude to become responsible gun owners”

  2. Augustine Blake
    Augustine Blake says:

    The training to get your concealed carry license is usually minimal, non-personalized in large classes, and not in-depth enough to effectively train you to defend yourself or your family in critical situations. You need to regularly seek out additional one-on-one training from qualified instructors in the classroom and on the Range and then practice and practice again the fundamentals they teach you on your own or with a shooting buddy. This is true just as you exercise to maintain your health. Consider that at the very minimum most police officers have to qualify with their firearms once or twice a year. Also, firearms and concealed carry laws change and improved techniques and philosophies emerge. So I believe you should practice fundamentals of shooting for accuracy with your holster, gear and accessories once a month (or at least 8 times a year) and attend at least one firearms training course per year if possible. Don’t take a chance on missing or forgetting proper techniques and relearning bad habits. Some think because they were raised with a gun, shot tin cans, and went squirrel hunting a lot, that they already have the best firearms knowledge and techniques. The proper grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger, breath, and hold controls, and follow-through techniques should be learned and committed to muscle memory from a certified instructor who has updated methods and improved basics, without a need to think about what needs to be done. This may mean unlearning some bad techniques and learning proper ones. This comes with practice, practice, and more practice. Lives may depend on your accuracy, current knowledge, and refined techniques.

    • orrin
      orrin says:

      In the 1970’s when states enacted Hunter Safety programs everyone was outraged. But responsible people saw that it was important to teach people how to safely handle firearms before issuing a license to hunt.

      Today instead of attempting to control magazine capacity maybe we should look more closely at teaching gun safety in addition to the background checks before issuing conceal carry permits.

      I don’t think either of these affect our Second Amendment Right!

  3. CCW Permit Holder and Traveler
    CCW Permit Holder and Traveler says:

    Concealed carry laws are constantly changing so I always double check before I travel with my gun (and my CCW Permit, of course.) A CCW course is a great place to start, but we must keep honing our skills and be educated on current laws that affect us.


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