Executive Protection Operators Course (EPOC 1) Washington State

Olympic Tactical’s Executive Protection Operators Course is a 3 Day Introduction to EP Operations designed to get an operator or a team working from the same foundation of knowledge.  This course was designed by Sean Hendrickson.  Mr. Hendrickson has trained hundreds of operators and teams using this program.  Clients include Google, Apple, Intel, Amazon, and many other Fortune 100 companies throughout the US.

This course is the foundation upon which to build a team that can operate flawlessly using the best practices that are proven in the field.

This class is a fundamentals course, not a comprehensive multi-week school.  It is designed to provide the basis for further study, on the job training, and more advanced skills and knowledge.

During the 3 Day Course, these topics will be discussed, and students will be provided a manual for future use and review.

Executive Protection Operators Course (EPOC 1) Washington State

Topics Include:

  • Organization of a Protection Detail
  • Attire
  • Equipment
  • Advances
  • Route Planning
  • Communications
  • Threat Assessment
  • Operation Order
  • Arrivals and Departures
  • Principal Interactions
  • Foot Movements
  • Site Security
  • Surveillance
  • Use of Force
  • Threat Recognition
  • Unarmed Physical Defense
  • Case Studies

We typically run this course with the additional 1 Day Practical Application, which includes a simulated Protective Detail.  During this time, the operators put the knowledge and skills to use in a live Protective Detail.  At the end of the day, there will be feedback and debrief of the detail from the instructors.

Cost of the EPOC 1 Course is $500/student with a minimum of 6 students.  All equipment, facility, and materials are provided.

Cost of the EPOC 1 Course with the additional 1 Day Practical Application is $650/student

Additional Executive Protection Courses offered:

1 day EPOC 1 Practical Application Exercise
1 day EP Firearms
1 day EP Defensive Tactics
1 day EP Communications and Electronics 
2 day EP Basic Tac-Med(first aid/cpr cert with Principal/Self Trauma Module)
2 day EP Surveillance/Counter Surveillance
3 day EP Vehicle Operator Course
5 day EP Threat Assessment and Risk Mitigation Course

(We schedule based on demand. Contact us to let us know you’re interested.)

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