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Social Media Privacy – Stranger than Fiction

People say truth is stranger than fiction. Last fall I posted a hypothetical example of a burglar using social media to target and exploit a family on vacation. Well, that certainly seems to be the case lately. Social media privacy is an issue that we can’t ignore.

Now we’ve got a bizarre case that illustrates the risks I mentioned in an unexpected way. This past December, Arturo Galvan of Menifee, CA, was caught using social media posts to target people in his area and, well, steal their underwear. Check out the full story at the LA Times.

Man allegedly used Facebook, Instagram to find women, steal their underwear

A man accused of burglary reportedly used GPS data embedded in Facebook and Instagram photos to break into people’s homes and steal their underwear, according to police.

For at least a year, 44-year-old Arturo Galvan, of Menifee, allegedly snatched up the unmentionables of men and women alike — sometimes as his victims slept close by. He also stands accused of hauling off electronics such as computer laptops and tablets.

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