Oregon DPSST Armed Security Course

The DPSST Armed Security Course is a 24 hour class. Olympic Tactical Instructors are flexable and willing to provide this training in either a two 12 hour days or three 8 hour days. The course consists of a very in depth classroom including topics on firearms safety, ammunition, officer responsibilities, legal definitions, decision making, use of force, post shooting procedure’s and decision making scenarios. At the end of students will take a closed book test.

Range day which starts out with a review of the safety rules as well as mindset. We then start covering the fundamentals of marksmanship, drawing and reloading, weapons malfunctions. Instructors then proceed with the DPSST weapon handling assessment, upon successful completion of the assessment students will then begin the live fire exercise which concludes with the state qualification.

Students need to remember that they need to take the DPSST Unarmed Security Course prior to submitting an application with the state to become an armed security professional. Upon completion of this course students will be given a PS 1 application form which will need to be notarize. If the student is upgrading from the unarmed to the armed rating we will provide a PS 23 upgrade form. We will also provide a PS 6 training form which can be used to obtain an Oregon Concealed Handgun License.

We also have the Arizona Concealed Handgun License packets as well as the Florida Concealed Handgun License Packets available should you decide to upgrade your concealed handgun License.

Students are required to bring the following gear: note materials and black pen, Handgun with holster, Two magazines and magazine pouch, 150+ rounds of handgun ammunition, Eye & Ear Protection, Water & Snack.
(We schedule based on demand. Contact us to let us know you’re interested.)



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