Washington State Process Servers and Associated Services

Process Servers are non-interested persons charged with the responsibility of ensuring each person named is notified as part of their Due Process rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. There is a stigma that a Process Server is the enemy and feel they should do whatever they can to avoid contact with a Process Server. It is the Process Server who makes a diligent effort to go above and beyond to make every attempt to deliver the notice to a party of the action so said party may be well informed of the proceedings and respond accordingly.

Olympic Tactical takes great pride in completing those hard to serve papers. Our staff are experienced and versed in Washington State service statutes. With our comprehensive client interaction we insure that our servers are able to get your job done right. All serves are conducted by licensed investigators or process servers.

We focus on our serves, not on an attempt. Let our experienced process servers use all the tools available to them to make that service happen for you or your firm. If timing is important, we can get that serve done on time by providing an express serve. We specialize in high threat and high risk serves.

Basic Serve Includes three (3) attempts to serve at an individual location and Affidavit or Proof of Service.
Comprehensive Retainer includes witness locate and person of interest locate and surveillance. Additional time and expenses can be billed.
Criminal Subpoena
Criminal Summons
Writ of Habeas Corpus
Warrant of Removal
Judgment & Commitment
Foreign Process
Hague Convention on the Service Abroad
Temporary Restraining Orders
Juror Summons
Subpoena Duces Tecum
Waiver of Service: Pauper and Seaman Cases
Warrant of Arrest in Rem
Writ of Attachment
Writ of Assistance
Writ of Body Attachment
Writ of Execution
Writ of Garnishment
Writ of Sequestration
Writ of Replevin

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  1. Floyd F. Coombs II
    Floyd F. Coombs II says:

    I lived in a gated apartment complex and was served. Since you need an access code to enter, I wondered how he got in. I found that the wires to the keypad had been cut. Are proccess servers allowed to do this.


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