Washington Department of Licensing Courses

WA DOL 8 Hour Pre Assignment Certification [wp_cart:WA DOL 8 Hour Pre Assignment Certification:price:200:end]

WA DOL 4 Hour Annual Refresher [wp_cart:WA DOL 4 Hour Annual Refresher:price:100:end]

WA DOL Private Investigator Pre Assignment Certification [wp_cart:WA DOL PI Pre Assignment Certification:price:200:end]


CJTCWashington Criminal Justice Training Commission

WA CJTC 8 Hour Initial Firearms Certification [wp_cart:WA CJTC 8 Hour Firearms Certification:price:[Type|Handgun,125|Rifle,100|Shotgun,100]:end]

WA CJTC 4 Hour Annual Armed Refresher [wp_cart:WA CJTC 4 Hour Annual Refresher:price:[Type|Handgun,125|Rifle,100|Shotgun,100]:end]

Additional Firearm [wp_cart:Additional Firearm:price:[Type|Handgun,25|Rifle,25|Shotgun,25]:end]


DPSSTOregon State DPSST Security Guard Training

OR DPSST Initail 8 Hour plus 4 Hour Assesment Training [wp_cart:OR DPSST Initail 8 Hour plus 4 Hour Assesment:price:250:end]

OR DPSST 4 Hour Annual Refresher [wp_cart:OR DPSST 4 Hour Annual Refresher:price:100:end]

OR DPSST 24 Hour Armed Guard Training [wp_cart:OR DPSST 24 Hour Armed Guard Training:price:300:end]


Intermediate Weapons Training

ASP Tactical Expandable Baton Certification Course [wp_cart:ASP Tactical Expandable Baton:price:100:end]

ASP Tactical Handcuff Certification and Training [wp_cart:ASP Tactical Handcuff:price:100:end]

OC/ Pepper Spray Training [wp_cart:OC / Pepper Spray Training:price:100:end]

Taser Training, User Certification Course [wp_cart:Taser Training:price:200:end]


Patrol Designated Marksman Courses

PDM Private Security and Executive Protection [wp_cart:PDM Security & EP:price:300:end]

PDM Law Enforcement [wp_cart:PDM LE:price:300:end]
Executive Protection Operators Courses

EPOC1 Executive Protection Operators Course [wp_cart:EPOC1 Executive Protection Operators:price:300:end]

Executive Protection Practical Application Workshop  [wp_cart:EPOC Practical Workshop:price:200:end]

Executive Protection Drivers 3 Day Workshop [wp_cart:EPOC Drivers Workshop:price:300:end]

Executive Protection Defensive Tactics Workshop [wp_cart:EPOC Defensive Tactics Workshop:price:200:end]

Executive Protection Firearms Workshop [wp_cart:EPOC Firearms Workshop:price:200:end]

Executive Protection 2 Day Surveillance/Counter Surveillance  [wp_cart:EP Surveillance :price:600:end]

Executive Protection 5 Day Threat Assessment and Risk Mitigation Course  [wp_cart:EP Threat Assessment :price:600:end]


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