Stun-Gun-Armed Officers Result in Workplace Violence Drop in Hospitals

Stun-Gun-Armed Officers Result in Workplace Violence Drop in Hospitals
Security Magazine (12/14)

Hospital security departments are using a variety of tactics to reduce the risk of violence. A Duke University Medical Center and International Healthcare Security and Safety Foundation (IHSSF) study found that 99 percent of hospitals were employing at least one of the following methods: employee involvement, management commitment, incident reporting and record keeping, training of security staff, hazard prevention and control, and worksite analysis. The study found 98 percent of hospitals train security staff on workplace violence, but only 64 percent of direct patient care staff are trained. Seventy-five percent of perpetrators of hospital violence were patients and the most commonly injured are security personnel. The survey also found hospitals with security personnel equipped with TASERS are at a 41 percent lower risk of physical assault compared to those without.



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