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Historically, the majority of all in service deaths occur before a patient has access to advanced trauma management. The delay between emergency notification and arrival of advanced medical care depends upon several factors; such as the distance from a medical center and the presence of other emergencies. Emergency Medical Responder leaders, effectively trained in trauma aid, can significantly increase the survivability of the person(s) in the field.

By simply stopping the bleeding of an open wound or providing chest compressions of a person in cardiac arrest, the survivability increases dramatically. A team response of non-medical personnel and medical providers must be in place to care for the wounded. The Emergency Medical Responder, EMT, Medic Advanced Tactical Practitioner, and unit leaders, in essence all officers must unite to provide medical care collectively, as a team, without sacrificing the flow and response to the emergencies at hand.

Olympic Tactical uses an integrated self-aid and team approach to casualty response and care which will directly translate to the reduction of casualties and minimize the turbulence associated with these events in times of crisis. The true success of the Medical Team will be defined by its ability to complete the mission and greatly reduce preventable death. Combining medical triage with team tactics multiplies the responce capabilities of a unit.



The mission of Olympic Tactical Trauma Team is to provide medical training and certification in accordance with the tenets of Self-Aid, Casualty Care, Tactical Medical Emergency Protocols, and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support; in order to provide optimal health care to special operations and security forces conducting missions in support of Federal and State policies and objectives.