Washington CJTC Private Security PDM Program Grows

A Patrol Designated Marksman (PDM) is an officer who is trained in advanced marksmanship techniques that make him capable of delivering accurate hits on man-sized targets at ranges from 100 to 300 yards. This is a distance that is well beyond the capabilities of the typical rifle officers. Considering the new types of threats being fought in the Global War On Terror often where time is against the Patrol Officer. Officer are now facing subjects ready to engage at distance with hunting rifles or even hostage scenarios with subjects executing them, then taking their own lives. This means that officers with advanced marksmanship skills are often the only means of engaging these targets before SWAT arrive. The PDM program was developed not to replace snipers but to assure that each department or company would have officers who are trained to operate as a designated marksman in the field.  Washington CJTC Private Security PDM Program Grows

 Mil Dot

PDM students fire M16/AR15 rifles equipped with ACOG or MIL Dot scopes from varied position using only a weapon mounted sling or bipod support.


Training field officers to serve as PDMs proved to be a special challenge because, except for the SWAT Units, no other officers possessed the knowledge and experience base to execute advanced marksmanship. When the requirement was identified, we quickly agreed to do everything we could to help agencies and companies respond to these new training requirements.

At Olympic Tactical a training team including two or three Instructors who are in charge of the course. The Instructors work primarily with small groups of students assuring individual performance and standards are met. Students receive printed PDM manuals and instructional CDs


A relay of PDM students fires on

KD Range at 100 yards distance.

Students in the PDM Course are taught to engage and accurately hit at distances of 100 and 200 yards in the field with angles.

Training courses have up to 10 students. Most students arrive without previous marksmanship experience other than basic instruction received during rifle training. Firing is done with the use of bipods mounted on the rifles or with slings. Firing is done from 100 yards on BLEA silhouette targets (the same target used in qualifications). By the end of the course, students are able to perform a “Cold Bore” shot first round hit in a 3 minutes of angle (3” at 100 yards) circle, then fire 4 additional shots in another 3 minutes of angle (3” at 100 yards) circle, Shooters then fire 5 round groups into the silhouette 10 ring and head from several positions without targets being marked to indicate group locations.

This is impressive marksmanship for students who start with no previous marksmanship experience and have only two or three days of practice. PDM students also learn a great deal about marksmanship concepts like trajectory, wind and distance estimation and specific marksmanship techniques that will enable them to be more effective in the field. Perhaps most importantly, PDM students leave the course with a very high level of confidence that they can readily and accurately hit targets at distances of 100 to 200 meters.

Qualified individuals interested in this program may download the application form our web site www.olytac.com or contact us at info@olytac.com

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