Welcome to our newest Private Investigators at Olytac!

Welcome to our newest Private Investigators at Olytac!

I wanted to welcome our newest licensed Private Investigators to the Olytac team!

Both have completed the Olytac PI training course and have received their Armed Private Investigators Licenses.  Well done!

A short introduction to both:

Rich Benkert USN (Ret): Mr. Benkert comes to us with a lifetime of experience.  As an OSC (SW) Operations Specialist Chief Petty Officer detailed to the  Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection(ATFP), then becoming the Assistant Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Officer in charge of training and directing security teams. As a member of the Security Alert Team/Backup Alert Force (SAT/BAF) and Ships Self Defense Force (SSDF) Rich’s experience and motivation propelled him into the positions of Chief of the Guard and Force Protection Action Officer.  Rich entered the Private Security industry as part of a Maritime Counter Terrorism Team, securing USN, USMSC, and privately owned vessels.

We are proud to have Rich join us and our team!

Marty Crosby  Mr. Crosby began his career of service in the US Army, spending time deployed overseas.  He returned to the US and received a Criminal Justice degree and worked SWAT and Maritime Patrol for the Mercer Island Police Department.  He transitioned to the private sector and worked as a School Security Officer, and for the Port of Tacoma Police Department providing patrol and maritime security.  His experience and skills are a welcome addition to our group.

Thank you Marty for honoring us by joining the Olytac team!

More details on our “About US” and “Meet our Staff” pages; http://www.olytac.com/meet-the-instructors/

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