Due Diligence Investigations

Due Diligence refers to many different situations involving an investigation of either a business or individual, before signing a contract and becoming legally responsible for an entity. This is a type of pre-transaction or pre-employment corporate investigation that tries to uncover details of a company’s management, finances, performance, mission, history, aims, suppliers, clients, industry and any other details that may affect how a company does business. Due diligence is vital before a merger, company purchase, or acquisition because it ensures that liabilities are not hidden. Due diligence ensures that there will be no unpleasant surprises down the road.

Working with our clients, we employ a variety of techniques that include communicating with third parties and conducting interviews. Our skilled professionals have significant experience conducting corporate and private investigations, and draw upon former backgrounds in law enforcement, military and other fields to effectively conduct field interviews and discussions with appropriate individuals.

Olympic Tactical investigators will often use forensic accounting investigations, background checks, surveillance, mystery shopping, asset searches, financial investigations and other business investigation methods to find out what is happening at a company today. In some cases, investigators will need to review public records, speak with company clients and customers, and even contact overseas offices in order to uncover the legitimacy and potential of a company.

Olympic Tactical & Investigations, LLC’s vast network allows us to provide clients additional investigative capabilities. Due diligence of foreign entities may require a further understanding of local laws, languages or customs especially when records are not readily available electronically. Let one of our private investigators explain all the facets of a business you can investigate, and will work with you to determine exactly which services and investigation you need.

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