Hostile Termination Protection Services

Workplace violence specifically related to an employee’s termination is one of the threats that human resource managers and associated corporate managers and supervisors nationwide face daily. It is estimated that between 70 to 74 percent of all workplace violence occurs as a result of the employee’s termination process. Precedence has been set in the courts that employers need to provide a safe environment for their employees, which has proven to be quite challenging to accomplish during a majority of the termination processes.

If you have concerns over the potential or actual occurrence of workplace violence as a result of an employee(s) termination and believe you may have need for our services, please contact us and Olympic Tactical will:

  1. Evaluating an employee(s) risk of violence
  2. Present an Incident Action Plan that is developed specifically for the level of threat that has been assessed.
  3. Implement a visual or covert protection plan designed specifically to address and mitigate the threat at hand with the use of armed or unarmed agents from our Protective Services division.
  4. Liaise with law enforcement as needed.

Olympic Tactical works with your company during the termination process and continues through post-termination to assure that a safe work environment exists for your employees and company officers.

Note: Please call or email for immediate contact from an Agent with Olympic Tactical’s Hostile Termination Protection Services

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